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    "6 million square feet of space, which is within spitting distance of the size of the Pentagon … Would you want the Empire State Building or the Pentagon in your backyard?"

    Apple’s “spaceship” HQ is coming to Cupertino, and the neighbors are cranky.

    Photos: Dai Sugano/Bay Area News Group

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    10 interesting digital marketing statistics we've seen this week →
    — 11 months ago

    How not to create interesting, creative video on the cheap.

    This is very, VERY boring. I think, because I listened to about 3 seconds of it before I started to think about other things.

    There’s a whole series of them…

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    "75 percent of B2B buyers see video as effective, coming in just behind customer testimonials, case studies, in-person events and online articles."
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    I’m not sure how I fell about this.

    LinkedIn are changing the age restrictions for members from 18 down to 13. I’m still thinking about it…

    Read more here.

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    You what???

    Talk about death of an icon! Boris and several others back the demolition of Earls Court to make way for housing. Boo!

    Read a more reasoned view point here from George Sirius of Eventsforce.

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    Yahoo Gets More U.S. Visitors Than Google for First Time Since 2011 →
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    Review: Google Chromecast | TechCrunch →
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    This looks brilliant. I am (sadly) a little obsessed with the A380, and now I get to fly one!

    This looks brilliant. I am (sadly) a little obsessed with the A380, and now I get to fly one!

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    The world’s fastest electric car by Nissan.

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